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  • ▼How do I determine the target of my attack?
  • How do I determine the target of my attack?
  • On Izanagi ONLINE, without deciding what to attack, attacks can be performed freely by tapping the circular icon located on the bottom right hand side of the screen.
  • ▼How do I use skills?
  • How do I use skills?
  • [MENU] > [Skill] > [Acquire] to acquire skills.
    After acquiring the skill, with the same steps as above, open [Skill] > [Active] then drag and drop skills to register as shortcuts.
  • ▼Exp
  • Even if I defeat a monster my experience does not increase.
  • In the following situations you may not receive experience even after defeating a monster.

    -You have reached the maximum level
    -the damage given to the monster was too little
    -You are located on a different MAP from a party member
  • ▼Gold
  • I don't get Gold by defeating monsters.
  • In IZANAGI Online, players get gold by selling items monsters drop.
  • ▼I can't use skills
  • Why can I not use skills?
  • Equipment required for each skill is different.
    Weapons made available for each skill are described in the skills details.
  • ▼Passive Skill and Skill Level
  • The amount was different from explanation when my Passive Level was raised.
  • The amount stated on Skill explanation is the total amount.
    Please note that the amount stated on Skill explanation
    is not the amount that will be added to your current status.

    Example: Passive Skill [Basics of ENERGY]

    When skill level raised from 1 to 2,
    explanation states that your ENERGY +20,
    but only raised by 10.

    For every Level, the amount of ENERGY is increased by 10.

    If ENERGY is 100.
    Lv1 ENERGY is 110.
    Lv2 ENERGY is 120.
    Lv3 ENERGY is 130.
  • ▼Unique Monsters
  • Are abnormal status (e.g. Inflammation) effective to Unique Monsters?
  • Due to the nature of Unique Monsters, the abnormal status effects that cause damage (e.g. Inflammation) are not effective.
  • ▼Buff Effect
  • I used 2 Skills that have buff indication but one of them disappeared. Why is that?
  • Only one buff indicator is displayed, and if more than 2 buffs are applied, the one that was used later will be indicated.
    *Buff with no indication is still effective.