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  • ▼Character level will not go up
  • I cannot gain experience and my character will no longer level up.
  • There is a level cap set for characters, once this set level has been reached, any experience received from winning a battle will no longer count, and will no longer be reflected onto your status.
    With future update, we will raise the level cap, so please check news for further details.
  • ▼Status points
  • Can I re-distribute my status points?
  • Once raising your status points you are unable to change them so please be careful.
  • ▼Changing Class
  • How do I switch classes?
  • The class chosen when creating your character can not be changed later.
  • ▼Characters name
  • Can I change my characters name?
  • Character names cannot be changed once they have been made.
    We are unable to support changing the character name as it could create mechanism issues (likely to produce a defect) and or create administration problems (changing name to avoid punishment of a prohibited act).
    If you must change your characters name, please delete the character and create a new one.
  • ▼About Status
  • What are the roles of each of the status'?
  • Please refer to the following about status roles.

    LP: Represents life force. The higher it is the more damage you can withstand.
    EP: Represents ENERGY. The higher it is the longer you can consecutively use skills.

    ATK: Physical attack power
    MATK: Magic attack power
    DEF: Physical defense
    MDEF: Magic defense

    STR: Affects physical attack power
    VIT: Affects LP
    INT: Affects attribute attack power and EP
    MND: Affects ENERGY
    AGI: Affects dodge rate and defense
    DEX: Affects hit rate and attack power
  • ▼Character data
  • If I delete the application will my character be erased?
  • All character data is saved to the server.
    Even after deleting the app, if you download it again you can use the character that had been used until that point.
    *On iOS 10.3 or higher, if the app is deleted and downloaded again, the previous character cannot be used.