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  • ▼Fansite
  • I would like to make a fansite. Is there any criteria?
  • If it is not for profit purposes or against public order and morality that follows Terms of Use of ASOBIMO, then a fansite may be made. Fan fiction such as fanzines, illustrations, manga, novels, and costume play (For all ages) related to OUR GAMES is allowed if following the rules above.

    All works and illustrations, including logo data from the Official Website which are used must include the following copyright:

    (C) ASOBIMO,INC. All rights reserved.

    *Invalid if the copyright is broken into more than 2 lines.
    *If unable to fix the line feed, please contact our support team.
  • ▼Inquiries
  • I sent in an inquiry but haven't gotten a reply. Why is that?
  • Replies for the inquiries received may differ upon the amount of inquiries received.
    We ask that you wait until replies have been made to you.

    If you do not receive a reply check the following.
    Did you input the email address correctly?
    Did you check your deleted items and or Junk Mail folder, including your mail filter settings?
    Be sure you have added @izanagi.com to accept emails.
    Did you receive the automated reply message?
    If you confirmed receiving the automated reply message, the email address provider may have placed some limitations.
    Please try contacting again from another email address or provider.

    Also, should you inquire again, please use the inquiry form instead of mailing us directly.
    We apologize for the trouble but hope for your understanding.