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Introducing the Raid Boss


1. How to challenge the Raid Boss

To challenge Raid Boss, talk to Captain Gregorius in "BWT - Military Area" and open the Raid Boss Wanted Note.

In the Wanted Note, currently available Raid Boss Battle, or the time until the next Raid Boss Battle will be displayed.

If you have formed a party, the party leader will choose which Raid Boss to challenge. If not, you will make the choice.
Select the Carriage displayed on the right, and wait for the members in the waiting room.

Once you have entered the Raid waiting room, you must press the "Ready" button within 2 minutes to join the Raid Boss battle.
If you are in a party, all party members must enter the Raid waiting room and press the "Ready" button.
If you do not press the "Ready" button, you will be forced out of the Raid waiting room after the time limit.
Discuss with the party members and try to enter the waiting room at the same timing.

Each Raid Boss has "Required members" set.
By pressing "Ready" in the Raid waiting room, you will be counted to the "Required members".

Players who press the "Ready" button in the same Raid waiting room will be counted to "Required members", and when that exceeds the set number, the Raid Boss Battle will automatically start.

[Tips] -Party play within the Raid map
In the Raid map, the Skills that affect other players such as recovering and reviving
only have effect against players within the same party.
Form well-balanced party to challenge Raid Boss!

2. About Rewards

By tapping Treasure Box Info, some of the rewards that can be obtained from that Raid Boss will be displayed.

3. Raid Boss Battle!

The unique feature of IZANAGI's Raid Boss Battle is that the Raid Gauge is displayed on upper-right of the screen.

The Raid Gauge indicates the time limit and the amount of Treasure Box rewards that decreases by passing of time. The gauge will slowly increase by time.

If the Raid Gauge reaches the Treasure Box icon, the amount of Treasure Box reward earned when defeating the Raid Boss will decrease.
When the Raid Gauge is filled, that Raid Boss Reward will be a failure.

* Even if all the displayed Treasure Box has "x" on them, minimum of 1 Treasure Box can be chosen if cleared.
If "x" is displayed on the Treasure Box with "x2" shown on it, the Treasure Box reward will decrease by 2.

[Tips] -Death in the Raid map
If you fall in the Raid map, you will revive automatically after 30 seconds.
In this case, there will be no decrease to EXP, different from other maps.

However, "Injury" status will be added after reviving in Raid map.
Injury decreases all abilities largely, so try not to fall.

4. About Retreat Votes

You can suggest retreat to other players if you feel you should abort the Raid Boss Battle.
After the suggestion, the other players will vote for decision.
If more than half players agree, the Raid Boss Battle will end.

5. Defeat the Raid Boss and get rewards!

If you succeed to defeat the Raid Boss, you will earn the Treasure Box reward.

12 Treasure Boxes will be shown on the screen, and they will be shuffled.
After the shuffle, the player can select the amount of Treasure Boxes acquired while in the Raid Boss Battle.

The faster the Raid Boss is defeated, the more Treasure Boxes can be selected. Cooperate with the participants to quickly defeat the Raid Boss!

[Tips] -Reselecting the Treasure Box
Treasure Box can be reselected once only, by using Gem.
When reselecting, choose the ones you would like to leave opened, and those not chosen will shuffle again.

* The difficulty of Raid Boss is still under adjustment.
Please note in advance that the difficulty of Raid Boss may be raised or lowered.

6. Challenging Guild Raid

If you join a Guild, you can challenge the "Guild Raid" played among the members of the same Guild.
You can challenge Guild Raid from Captain Gregorius in "Guild Hide-out".

About the difference between normal Raid and Guild Raid, first, normal Raid would be available in short period and Guild Raid would be available all day, free to challenge any time.

Also the reward is different, and there are items that can only be obtained in the Guild Raid.

Raid Boss is easier to defeat with more members. We recommend you to discuss the time with the Guild Members, and challenge the Raid Boss together!

[Tips] You can build Guild Hide-out via Harold in BWT - Commercial Area.
Build the Hide-out and enjoy with your Guild Members!

7. Challenge times and Challenge Ticket

Each Raid Boss has "Challenge Times" set.
This indicates the times you can challenge that Raid Boss while it is present, and is counted for each character.

* Even if it's the same kind of Raid Boss, the challenge times will be reset on the other occasion, allowing you to challenge again.

Also, "Challenge Ticket" is required to participate in the Guild Raid.
The Challenge Ticket is sold in the GP Shop accessed via Electra near Captain Gregorius, so take a look!

[Tips] GP necessary to purchase Ticket in GP Shop can be collected in "Guild Quest" or "Boss Rush".
The Guild Quest can be started from "Ebezza" in the Guild Hide-out, and Boss Rush can be started from "Boss Rush Shop" in BWT Outer Wall District.

8. Guild Raid Schedule

Guild Raid Boss appears by the schedule in the table below.

* The switching of weak day is on 5:00 a.m. Japan Standard Time.

Week Day Appearing Raid Boss Recommended LV
Monday No Raid Boss
Tuesday Organic Beast Mammoplant LV30 and higher
Vermi Beast Emperorbrade LV60 and higher
Wednesday Vermi Beast Emperorbrade LV40 and higher
Organic Beast Mammoplant LV70 and higher
Thursday Organic Beast Mammoplant LV50 and higher
Vermi Beast Emperorbrade LV80 and higher
Friday Vermi Beast Emperorbrade LV40 and higher
LV60 and higher
Saturday Organic Beast Mammoplant LV30 and higher
LV50 and higher
LV70 and higher
Sunday Vermi Beast Emperorbrade LV40 and higher
LV60 and higher
LV80 and higher