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Introducing the Tower of Purgatory


1. About the Tower of Purgatory

The Tower of Purgatory is a feature where you can tackle a wide variety of monsters appearing on each level.

There are 2 types of rewards for each level.
One is a reward for your first time defeating the monsters and clearing the mission, and the other is a reward for completing a mission at a set level.

Missions are set to have 3 objectives per level. You cannot receive the reward for completion unless you clear all of them.

2. How to Climb the Tower of Purgatory

To climb the Tower of Purgatory, talk to the Tower of Purgatory Guide in BWT- Outer Wall District.

Levels that you can play will be displayed brightly on the right side.

The Tower of Purgatory starts at Floor 1. Subsequent floors are opened as you tackle the one before.
If you enter the Tower in a party, only the levels accessible to all members will be available for selection.

Tower levels have a different difficulty level depending on their color.

YellowSome Difficulty
RedExtreme Difficulty

When you select a level that is open to you, the Challenge button in the bottom left will light up, and you will be able to transfer to the Tower of Purgatory Waiting Room.

Start your challenge in the Tower of Purgatory by selecting Ready.
If you are playing in a party, then you can begin after everyone has selected Ready.

3. How to Check Info About Each Floor

You can confirm information about each level by selecting it.

Number Item Description
Challenge Level Displays the name of the selected level
Recommended Level Displays the recommended level for playing the selected level
Treasure Box Info Displays whether or not a treasure box may appear from
Challenge Cost Displays the cost for challenging the selected level

・③ will appear blank when the level has no treasure box reward.
・If there is no challenge fee, it will displayed as Free.

You can check more information about a level by selecting Level Info.


The features of the selected level will be displayed.
Some levels have features such as inflicting poison at the time of entry, so be sure to check this before you charge in!

■Collecting Crests

Each level will display 3 missions.
The Crest marks seen on the left will display brightly for previously completed missions.
For un-completed missions, the Crest mark will display as darkened.

You can get a reward for completion by completing all 3 missions for a level.
Missions can be challenged as many times as you like until cleared, so aim to complete all levels!

■Reward Info

Rewards for the selected level will be displayed.

▼First Clear
A reward you can get from defeating monsters and conquering a level.
The reward will be sent to your mail.
* This reward is only for the first clear.

▼Crest Completion Reward
A reward you can get for completing all Crest Achievement Conditions (missions) for a level.
The reward will be sent to your mail.
* This reward is only for the first clear.

4. Level Clear Screen

By defeating the monsters on the the level, you will move to the Level Clear Screen.
The Level Clear Screen will display the reward items and the mission.

If you fulfill the mission requirements, then it will display as "CLEAR".
If the mission has previously been completed, then the Crest mark on the right will be displayed as bright.
If the mission has not been previously completed, then the Crest mark to the right will be displayed as darkened.

5. About Ancient Coins

An Ancient Coin is an item is you can get from completing levels and defeating monsters in the Tower of Purgatory.

This item is usually for sale or sellable at a low price.
But you can also take them to NPC Counterfeiter Ginzou in BWT- Outer Wall District and trade them for various items.

▼TIPS The items you can trade Ginzou for change from time to time, so remember to check back regularly!