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"H-Ninja Lottery" H-Ninja Set x3 odds campaign!

Thank you for supporting IZANAGI ONLINE.

We are holding "H-Ninja Lottery" H-Ninja Set x3 odds campaign! after October 8, 2015 regular maintenance.

H-Ninja Lottery H-Ninja Set x3 odds campaign!

Campaign Summary
After October 8, 2015 regular maintenance, the odds of getting following Avatar will be increased!
x3 odds for H-Ninja Avatar Set! And x1.1 for individual Avatar parts!

We hope you take the advantage of this opportunity!

[Target Lottery]
H-Ninja Lottery

[Target Lottery Lineup]
Please check here for Lottery lineup.

Campaign Period
October 8, 2015 after regular maintenance until October 15, 2015 before the regular maintenance.

Lottery Notice
Please check "Grand Prize List" to see what rare items are contained in each lottery.
Rates are set to each item and the rates vary depending on the items.
Items are distributed at random. There's a possibility that you get same item.
Announcement will be made for lotteries that are ending sale.

*All lottery except Free Lottery、Item Lottery、Item Jackpot Lottery、Beginner Lottery、Platinum Lottery (Lv26-Lv40)、Platinum Lottery (Lv43-Lv70)、and H-Ninja Lottery are not related to the campaign.
*If the target lottery was drawn outside of the period, the lottery will be invalid.
*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

Thank you for your continuous support.