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Avatar guaranteed "Halloween Lottery" released!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

New lottery "Halloween Lottery" will be available after October 8, 2020 regular maintenance!

Avatar guaranteed "Halloween Lottery" released!

■ Store Update
Limited Time! "Halloween Lottery" released!
After October 8, 2020 regular maintenance, avatar lottery "Halloween Lottery" will be available!
We hope you take the advantage of this opportunity!

[Grand Prize Lineup]

Scarecrow Set (A)1
Scarecrow Set (B)1
Scarecrow Set (C)1
Ghost Set (A)1
Ghost Set (B)1
Ghost Set (C)1
Nightmare Set (A)1
Nightmare Set (B)1
Nightmare Set (C)1
Vampire Set (A)1
Vampire Set (B)1
Vampire Set (C)1
Costume Set (A)1
Costume Set (B)1
Costume Set (C)1
Pirate Set (A)1
Pirate Set (B)1
Pirate Set (C)1
Scarecrow Tricorn (A)1
Scarecrow Mask (A)1
Scarecrow Suit (A)1
Scarecrow Pants (A)1
Scarecrow Tricorn (B)1
Scarecrow Mask (B)1
Scarecrow Suit (B)1
Scarecrow Pants (B)1
Scarecrow Tricorn (C)1
Scarecrow Mask (C)1
Scarecrow Suit (C)1
Scarecrow Pants (C)1
Ghost Hat(A)1
Ghost Eye Mask(A)1
Ghost Top(A)1
Ghost Bottom(A)1
Ghost Hat(B)1
Ghost Eye Mask(B)1
Ghost Top(B)1
Ghost Bottom(B)1
Ghost Hat(C)1
Ghost Eye Mask(C)1
Ghost Top(C)1
Ghost Bottom(C)1
Nightmare Headgear(A)1
Nightmare Face Deco(A)1
Nightmare Cloth(A)1
Nightmare Bottom(A)1
Nightmare Headgear(B)1
Nightmare Face Deco(B)1
Nightmare Cloth(B)1
Nightmare Bottom(B)1
Nightmare Headgear(C)1
Nightmare Face Deco(C)1
Nightmare Cloth(C)1
Nightmare Bottom(C)1
Vampire Hair(A)1
Vampire Cloth(A)1
Vampire Bottom(A)1
Vampire Hair(B)1
Vampire Cloth(B)1
Vampire Bottom(B)1
Vampire Hair(C)1
Vampire Cloth(C)1
Vampire Bottom(C)1
Costume Hat(A)1
Costume Cloth(A)1
Costume Bottom(A)1
Costume Hat(B)1
Costume Cloth(B)1
Costume Bottom(B)1
Costume Hat(C)1
Costume Cloth(C)1
Costume Bottom(C)1
Pirate Captain Hat(A)1
Pirate Eyepatch(A)1
Pirate Cloth(A)1
Pirate Bottom(A)1
Pirate Captain Hat(B)1
Pirate Eyepatch(B)1
Pirate Cloth(B)1
Pirate Bottom(B)1
Pirate Captain Hat(C)1
Pirate Eyepatch(C)1
Pirate Cloth(C)1
Pirate Bottom(C)1

[Lottery Spins / Price]
1 Spin5 Gems
11 Spins 50 Gems

[Target Lottery Lineup]
You can check lottery's lineup here.

We hope you give a try!

■ Lottery Notice
Please check "Grand Prize List" to see what rare items are contained in each lottery.
Rates are set to each item and the rates vary depending on the items.
Items are distributed at random. There's a possibility that you get same item.
Announcement will be made for lotteries that are ending sale.
The graphic is only an image, it may look different depending on combinations of equipment or system environment.

Thank you for your continuous support.