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Gem Conversions After 180 Days (180 Days Later... Where are my Gems!?)

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

During our maintenance on April 15, 2021 (Thurs), we will be revising our Terms of Service ("Rules").
Due to the above revision, following our maintenance on April 15, 2021 (Thurs), all unused Gems that have been acquired for 180 days will be converted into the following item.
*This includes all Gems obtained through IZANAGI ONLINE team mail, events, etc.

■ Converted Item
・EXP 25% UP (1Hr)

■ Conversion Rate
Depending on the number of Gems that have passed the 180 day period, the conversion rate will be as follows.
・1 Gem will be converted into EXP 25% UP (1Hr)

5 Gems expire: 5 "EXP 25% UP (1Hr)"s will be sent

■ How to Check Your Gem Balance and Date of Purchase
Select "STORE" from the game menu, then "Open IZANAGI STORE" to move to the IZANAGI STORE.
From the "Top" tab, select "History" to confirm the dates of your purchases.

■ About the Order in which Gems are Used
When you use Gems, they are used in the order of the oldest purchase date to the newest.

Please contact us through the contact form if you have any questions.

IZANAGI Online Team