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The "Riders Lottery" Reappears with a New Color!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

Following our regular maintanence on October 13, 2022, the popular "Riders" avatar will be made available for purchase again in a new color!

The "Riders Lottery" Reappears with a New Color!

■ Store Update
▼ The "Riders Lottery" Reappears with a New Color! ▼
In response to your requests, we are bringing back the "Riders" avatar lottery following our regularly scheduled maintanence on October 13, 2022.
Additionally, we have added the new color "Riders (D) Series"!
This is your chance to get the Riders Avatar in a new color!

[Riders Set]

Riders Set (A)Riders Set (B)Riders Set (C)Riders Set (D)

[Grand Prize Lineup]
Rider Set (A)1
Rider Set (B)1
Rider Set (C)1
Rider Set (D)1
Goggle (A)1
Prajna Mask (A)1
Rider Jacket(A)1
Rider Bottom(A)1
Kawasaki 881
Goggle (B)1
Prajna Mask (B)1
Rider Jacket(B)1
Rider Bottom(B)1
Goggle (C)1
Prajna Mask (C)1
Rider Jacket(C)1
Rider Bottom(C)1
Crafter's Knife1
Goggle (D)1
Prajna Mask (D)1
Rider Jacket(D)1
Rider Bottom(D)1

[Target Lottery Lineup]
Please check here for Lottery lineup.

■ Lottery Notice
Please check "Grand Prize List" to see what rare items are contained in each lottery.
Rates are set to each item and the rates vary depending on the items.
Items are distributed at random. There's a possibility that you get same item.
Announcement will be made for lotteries that are ending sale.
The graphic is only an image, it may look different depending on combinations of equipment or system environment.
Items won in the Lottery will be put in your [Platinum Box].
 To access your [Platinum Box], proceed to the [MENU] screen, tap [STORE], and then select [Platinum Box].
Equipment has a character level restriction.
 Equipment with a higher level than your character cannot be equipped.

Thank you for your continuous support.