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Rewards according to the purchase of Gems!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

After maintenance on May 16, 2024, we will be holding "Rewards according to the purchase of Gems!" campaign!

Rewards according to the purchase of Gems!

■ Campaign Summary
During the campaign, you will get special reward by purchasing certain amount of Gems!
*Reward is limited to once per account.
*Players who participated in previous campaign are also eligible.
*Reward will be sent to Platinum Box.

■ Campaign Period
May 16, 2024 after regular maintenance until May 23, 2024 before the regular maintenance.


Gems PurchasedItem NameQuantity
250Luxuriant Weapon Box1
250Super Success Hammer1
250Relief Handkerchief3
200Hoarded Wealth Box1
200Relief Handkerchief(+8)2
200Ultra Recipe Box I2
150Relief Handkerchief(+6)1
150Cat Ear (A)1
150High Material Box3
100Super Success Hammer1
100Luxuriant Accessory Box1
100Platinum Bag5
80Fashionable Box1
80Relief Handkerchief(+4)1
60Relief Handkerchief(+2)1
60Drop Rate 15% UP (1H)3
60Oval Gamble Box5
40EXP UP 100% (1Hr)2
40Treasure Box Key10
20Gold Coin Bag5
20Drop Rate 10% UP (1H)3
10Healing Potion Box1
10EXP UP 100% (1Hr)1
5Punk Hat1
3Ration Pill (NORMAL)50
1Drop Rate 10% UP (1H)1

If you purchase 100 Gems, you'll get following items below.
・Drop Rate 10% UP (1H)×4
・Ration Pill (NORMAL)×50
・Punk Hat×1
・Healing Potion Box×1
・EXP UP 100% (1Hr)×2
・Gold Coin Bag×5 (Total: 100,000Golds)
・Treasure Box Key×10
・Relief Handkerchief(+2)×1
・Drop Rate 15% UP (1H)×3
・Oval Gamble Box×5
・Fashionable Box×1
・Relief Handkerchief(+4)×1
・Super Success Hammer×1
・Luxuriant Accessory Box ×1
・Platinum Bag×5 (Total: 200,000Golds)

[Reward List]
1.Oval Gamble Box
2.Fashionable Box
3.Luxuriant Accessory Box
4.High Material Box
5.Hoarded Wealth Box
6.Ultra Recipe Box I
7.Luxuriant Weapon Box
Cat Ear (A)

[Target Method of Payment]
Individual payment

■ Campaign Notice
*The use of Gems have no relation with this campaign.
*Reward is distributed once per account.
*This campaign does not include Gems from Monthly Ticket.
*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

We ask for your understanding.

Thank you for your continuous support.