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Limited Time Offer! Highly Demanded Items on Sale

Greeting Ninjas. Thank you for supporting IZANAGI ONLINE.
We are holding "Limited Time Offer! Highly Demanded Items on Sale " after June 16, 2015 18:00(EST)!

Campaign Summary
During the campaign, following items are sold at special price in "IZANAGI Store".

Items on Sale
"Super Success Hammer" Was: 10 Gems > Now: 7 Gems
"EXP 100% UP (1Hr)(6)" Was: 15 Gems > Now: 12 Gems
"EXP 25% UP (1Hr)(6)" Was: 5 Gems > Now: 3 Gems

Distribution Category
IZANAGI Store Item tab "Items"

June 16, 2015 18:00(EST) until June 17, 2015 before the regular maintenance.

We hope you take the advantage of this opportunity!

*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

Thank you for your continuous support.