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Second Class


What is Second Class?

Characters can promote to "Second Class" by fulfilling certain conditions. Second Class


First Class Second Class
Warrior Gladiator


First Class Second Class
Assassin Shadow


First Class Second Class
Cleric Priest


First Class Second Class
Mage Wizard

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The benefit of Second Class

The benefits of Second Class are as follows.

  • 1. Increase on base status.
  • 2. Acquire Second Class specific skills.
  • 3. Increase on shortcut ring.
  • 4. Assign Superpower.

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Second Class exclusive skill

  • ■Giant Throw H Swings weapon to inflict large damage against surrounding enemies, then throws the weapon to inflict enemies at long range.

  • ■Indefatigability Adds [Desperado] to self. Increases damage based on the remaining of your LP. When you defeat enemies, Hercules LV rises at fixed rate.

  • ■Rashomon Summon giant walls to protect against attacks. However, the user can not move while walls are active. When deactivated, surrounding enemies are inflicted by inevitable attack.

  • ■Wondrous Astro Gate Removes a debuff at random. All debuffs will be removed if your [Hercules] LV is at 5.

  • ■Shadow Rush Attack enemies by 2 shadows summoned in front. Major damage will be inflicted if targets have [Fall]. Steals an item from enemy. Success rate is determined by DEX with base rate of 20%.

  • ■First Slash Adds [Mince] to self. An additional attack occurs at fixed rate. More additional attacks occur if you have [Ogre Slayer Mode] .

  • ■Grenade Launcher Inflict damage against the enemy hit by the bullet and the surrounding enemies. More damage will be inflicted if targets have [Defense Break]. Additional damage apply if targets have [Stop].

  • ■Multi Discharge Adds [Multibarrel] to self. Doubles normal attacks and slows the gun's durability decrease.

  • ■Emergency Support Recover small amount of ENERGY to allies in a small range.

  • ■Seiton Sanctuary Summons Guard Frames around user. In return for not being enemies' target, user can not move while Guard Frames are present.

  • ■Grand Cross Smash ground with hammer uprises cross-shaped ray. Increase damage based on user's [Blessing] LV.

  • ■Seiton Scapegoat Adds [Goat] by using [Blessing]. Goat takes the damage when you are attacked. The amount of Goats vary by the amount of [Blessing] used.

  • ■Katon Nitro Spike Inflict damage by explosion against surrounding enemies. Increase damage based on the Nitro LV used. Add or increase [Nitro] LV to self when attack is hit.

  • ■Raiton Thunderstorm Thunderstorm that inflict damage against enemies in front and [Stun]. Adds [Shock] against Machine Types. Damage boost based on the Nitro LV used. No damage cap if [Nitro] LV is 5 or higher.

  • ■Katon Ground Bomb Inflict damage by explosion against surrounding enemies. Increase damages by the numbers of allies in the same map.

  • ■Seiton Pentagram Add [Add Debuff UP] and [ATK UP S] to self and surrounding allies. If you have a party of 3 or more, [MATK UP M] will be added. Buffs vary by the number of allies in the same map.

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"Superpower" and "Forbidden Ninjutsu".

After the promotion to Second Class, you can assign and grow "Superpower".

"Superpower" does not give buff to the character by itself.
However, "Superpower" triggers "Forbidden Ninjutsu" to activate. What "Forbidden Ninjutsu" can be acquired is determined based on assigned "Superpower" and its growth.
*You can reassign Superpower from dedicated menu.

By using "Banned Book", you can acquire 10 "Forbidden Ninjutsu" at max.
*Forbidden Ninjutsu can be deleted after acquisition.

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  • ▼How to learn skills
  • How do I learn skills?
  • "You can learn skills by going to Menu - Skill - Select Skill - Acquire Skill."
    *Skill Points are used when learning a skill
    *3 Skill Points are used when learning a Second Class skill.
  • ▼Growing Second Class skill
  • How do I grow Second Class skill?
  • The current Second Class skill limit is Lv1.

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"Ninja Rank"

"Ninja Rank" is a rank given to each Ninja.

By fulfilling conditions, you will be able to take the test and if you pass the test, you will be promoted to "Mid Ninja".
Being "Mid Ninja" is one of prerequisite to promote Second Class.

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How to become Second Class

You can become Second Class with following steps.

1. Become Lv50 or higher.
2. Acquire 6 Bronzes and over or 4 Slivers and over from Achievement Book.
3. Pass "Mid Ninja Test" and go to "Promotion Facility" and process promotion.
* 1 and 2 are not required to take "Mid Ninja Test".

You can take "Mid Ninja Test" from NPC "Tagame" in "Ninja Association BWT" when your Lv is 45 or higher.
The test consist of 4 parts. The test will be long and tough.

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"Achievement Book"

"Achievement Book" allows to gain EXP based on the number of Boss you have defeated.
Rewards are given by defeating specific number of bosses. When you receive reward, you get "Medal".
*Collecting medals have no effect on your status.

By acquiring right amount of medals from "Achievement Book" and completing "Mid Ninja Test", you can go to "Promotion Facility" to process promotion.

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"Promotion Facility"

When you fulfill all the conditions, you can finally Promote.

You can talk to NPC "Tagame" to use "Promotion Facility" in "Ninja Association BWT".

You can see each Second Class's traits and skills.

When you choose the one you want to be,

you'll be moving to final confirmation phase. It's time to decide your path!

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Thank you for reading from the beginning till the end.

And thank you for your continuous support.