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  • Hyoton Frost Pike ■Hyoton Frost Pike Mage's basic skill. Summon ice columns to inflict damage and [Defense Break] against enemies. [Defense Break] lowers resistance against attacks.

  • Katon Flare Storm ■Katon Flare Storm Mage's advanced skill. Rain of fire fall on enemies in front to inflict enormous damage and [Inflammation]. It takes proficient skill to hit the target due to long casting time.

  • Doton Quake Shock ■Doton Quake Shock Inflict damage against surrounding enemies. This attack can cause [Fall] if targets have [Defense Break].

  • Raiton Lightning ■Raiton Lightning Thunder strike that inflict damage against enemies in front and [Stun].

  • Legendary Wizard's Blessings ■Legendary Wizard's Blessings Add [Blessing] to allies in a wide range. [Blessing] increase all basic status values.

  • Mokuton Nature Blast ■Mokuton Nature Blast Inflict damage by summoning giant trees in front. If your [Blessing] LV is at certain LV, additional damege will be inflicted.

  • Eye Spell Clairvoyance ■Eye Spell Clairvoyance Your MAX LIFE becomes half, but boost your healing skill effects and [Blessing] LV for a limited time.

  • Yamiton Shadowbind ■Yamiton Shadowbind Summon shadows from the ground and inflict [Stop] against enemies. This gives great opportunity to use advanced skills.

  • Burst Trap ■Burst Trap Set a trap that will explode in a period of time. If hit, it can cause targets to [Fall]. Inflicts large amount of damage, but you must time it right.

  • Eagle Stomp ■Eagle Stomp Assassin's advanced skill. Major damage will be inflicted if targets have [Fall].

  • Mighty Smash ■Mighty Smash (Claymore exclusive) Inflict massive damage against enemy in a straight line. Reduces user's LIFE when activated.

  • Spear Storm ■Spear Storm (Spear exclusive) Inflict damage against enemies in a wide range around user.

  • Fighters Roar ■Fighters Roar Add [ATK UP S] to allies in surrounding to gain advantage in the battle.