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Items and Equipment

  • ▼Items obtained from the Lottery
  • I don't see items I obtained from lottery in the inventory.
  • Items obtained from Lottery are stored in Platinum Box.
    You need to move them from Platinum Box to Inventory.
    *You can go [MENU]>[Store]>[Platinum Box] to check your Platinum Box.
  • ▼Golds
  • How much Golds can I hold?
  • Currently you can hold up to "999,999,999 Golds".
    The amount that exceeds "999,999,999 Golds" will be lost.
  • ▼Obtained items
  • I don't see items I obtained in the inventory.
  • If there is no space in your inventory, items are sent to Item Post.
    Item Post store items temporarily. If it reaches the limit, older items will be discarded.
    You can transfer items in the Item Post if there's space in your inventory.