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Recycle Your Avatars!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

5/9/2019 (Thu) As of our update maintenance, we've added an Avatar Recycling function.

■ About Avatar Recycling
This is a new function, accessible from the Shop NPC in each town, where you can trade in 1 unwanted avatar for Avatar Exchange Ticket x 1.
By collecting a certain number of Avatar Exchange Tickets, you can trade them in for other items.

Avatar Exchange TicketTrade in avatars for these exchange tickets. Collect them to exchange for various items. ▼Trade-In Location ・Town Shop NPC

[Where to find NPCs with the Avatar Exchange function]
・Lynette in Ordo Village
・Lindsey in BWT- Commercial Area
・Rin in Yamato Village
・Clara in Gray Town

■ Warning
* The avatars that can be exchanged for Avatar Exchange Ticket x 1 is planned to be updated periodically.

Thank you for playing Izanagi Online.