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Announcing the "Reappraisal Ticket" for reappraising equipment!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

During our maintenance on 5/9/2019 (Thu), we added the nifty "Reappraisal Ticket" for reappraising items!

■ Reappraisal Summary
By re-evaluating previously appraised equipment at the Appraiser, you can randomly draw new abilities for your equipment while maintaining its rarity.
"Reappraisal Tickets" are required to reappraise an item, and the number required varies depending on the item's rarity.
* Reappraisal is possible for head armor, face armor, upper armor, lower armor, left handed weapons, right handed weapons, rings, and earrings.
* Please note that refinement level, enhancement level, and released slots will be returned to the beginning when reappraised.
* Please note that if a Medal is attached to the equipment, the Medal will be lost when reappraised.

Reappraisal TicketReappraisal TicketTicket necessary for when you reappraise an item.

■ Reappraisal Procedure
① Make sure you're holding your Reappraisal Tickets and the items you want to reappraise and head to the Reappraisal facility.
Reappraisal Ticket

Reappraisal Ticket

② Select the item you want to reappraise and reappraise it.
Reappraisal Ticket

③ After reappraisal, the item will receive new abilities.
Reappraisal Ticket

■ Amoutn of Tickets Required for Reappraisal
RarityAmount Required

Be sure to check out "Reappraisal" from the town Appraiser.

■ Warning
* This content is subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you for playing Izanagi Online.