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Guild Support Campaign!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

IZANAGI ONLINE feature Guild Hide-out and Guild Quest to provide contents to enjoy with Guild members. We are holding this event to support players who wants to establish, join, or expand the Guild!

Guild Support Campaign

1. Join Guild Campaign
2. Grow Your Guild Campaign
3. Stockpile Campaign

Campaign Period
May 21, 2015 after regular maintenance until June 4, 2015 before the regular maintenance.

Gift Distribution Date
After June 4, 2015 regular maintenance, in-game mail will be sent to players who have fulfilled the condition.

1. Join Guild Campaign

Campaign Summary
"Guild Affiliation T" is given to players who are registered in the Guild at the end of the campaign!
*Players who have already registered in the Guild before May 21, 2015 regular maintenance are eligible to the campaign.

Guild Affiliation T
Guild Affiliation TGuild Affiliation TGuild Affiliation T

Recruiting new Guild member is voluntarily.
We recommend following locations to recruit new members.

[Recommended Locations]
・Ordo Village
・BWT- Commercial Area
・BWT- Military Area
Inviting Scene

2. Grow Your Guild Campaign

Campaign Summary
Following items are given to the Guild members whose Guild has reached the following Lv below at the end of the campaign.

Guild LvRewardQuantity
Reached Lv3EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS)1
Reached Lv4EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS)1
Reached Lv5EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS)1

If your Guild reaches Guild Lv5, you will recieve
-1 EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS) (Guild Lv3 Reward)
-1 EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS) (Guild Lv4 Reward)
-1 EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS) (Guild Lv5 Reward)
⇒Total 3 EXP UP 100% (1Hr)(NFS)s

3. Stockpile Campaign

Campaign Summary
Following items are given to the Guild members whose Guild has ranked top 3 in supplying Gold and/or GP.

1st Gem x 3
2nd Gem x 2
3rd Gem x 1

1st Gem x 3
2nd Gem x 2
3rd Gem x 1

*Only the amount of supplied Golds and GP to the "Guild Facility" will be referenced. The amount of Golds and GP that were used to expand Guild will not be referenced.

- On May 22, you have supplied 200,000 Gold to Guild Facility.
- On May 23, you have used 100,000 Gold to increase Guild Lv from 1 to 2.
- No transaction was made after that.
The amount of Gold supplied during the campaign will be 200,000 Gold.

Guilds ranked in each category will be announced with Guild Name and the supplied amount!

*Each campaign's reward is given once per account.
*The Guild must have 3 or more members in order to receive the gift.
*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

Thank you for your continued support.