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Limited Time Offer! Highly Demanded Items on Sale Part2!

Greeting Ninjas. Thank you for supporting IZANAGI ONLINE.
We are holding "Limited Time Offer! Highly Demanded Items on Sale Part2" after May 25, 2015 0:00(EST)!

Campaign Summary
During the campaign, following items are sold at special price in "IZANAGI Store".

Items on Sale
"Super Success Hammer" Was: 10 Gems > Now: 7 Gems
"EXP 100% UP (1Hr)(6)" Was: 15 Gems > Now: 12 Gems
"Treasure Box Expansion" Was: 5 Gems > Now: 3 Gems
"Inventory Expansion" Was: 3 Gems > Now: 2 Gems

Distribution Category
IZANAGI Store Item tab "Items"
IZANAGI Store Item extended tab "Items"

May 25, 2015 0:00(EST) until May 25, 2015 23:59(EST).

We hope you take the advantage of this opportunity!

*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

We ask for your understanding.

Thank you for your continuous support.