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6 Spins extended for Item Lottery! Spin and get reward!

Greeting Ninjas. This is IZANAGI ONLINE Team.

After regular maintenance on May 28, 2015, Item Lottery will continue to feature 6 spins!
And you will get special prize if you draw 1 Spin, 6 Spins, or 11 Spins from Item Lottery!

Yin Yang  Lottery!

Campaign Summary
During the campaign, Item Lottery will feature "6 spins" for a limited time. And if you draw from Item Lottery, you will get 1 Key Box for 1 Spin, 1 Relief Handkerchief for 6 Spins and 1 Valuable Box for 11 Spins!

Reward Item

key boxKey BoxThe box contain Treasure Box Keys. How many you get is up to you!
relief handkerchiefRelief HandkerchiefIf enhancing fails, it prevents the item from breaking, but resets enhance value.
valuable boxValuable BoxBox that contain valuable items that can be used in various scenes. You might get lucky getting rare items.

Contents of Box
【Key Box】
Treasure Box Key99
Treasure Box Key95
Treasure Box Key90
Treasure Box Key85
Treasure Box Key80
Treasure Box Key75
Treasure Box Key70
Treasure Box Key65
Treasure Box Key60
Treasure Box Key55
Treasure Box Key50
Treasure Box Key45
Treasure Box Key40
Treasure Box Key35
Treasure Box Key30
Treasure Box Key25
Treasure Box Key20
Treasure Box Key15
Treasure Box Key10
Treasure Box Key5
Treasure Box Key3
Treasure Box Key1

【Valuable Box】
Ultra Success Hammer3
Ultra Success Hammer2
Ultra Success Hammer1
Security Cloth3
Security Cloth2
Security Cloth1
Super Success Hammer5
Super Success Hammer4
Super Success Hammer3
Super Success Hammer2
Super Success Hammer1
Status Reset Button1
Skill Reset Button1
EXP 10% UP (1Hr)6
EXP 10% UP (1Hr)3
EXP 25% UP (1Hr)6
EXP 25% UP (1Hr)3
EXP 50% UP (1Hr)6
EXP 50% UP (1Hr)3
EXP UP 100% (1Hr)5
EXP UP 100% (1Hr)3
Drop Rate 5% UP (1H)6
Drop Rate 5% UP (1H)3
Drop Rate 10% UP (1H)6
Drop Rate 10% UP (1H)3
Drop Rate 15% UP (1H)5
Drop Rate 15% UP (1H)3
Full Recovery Potion5
Full Recovery Potion3
Full Recovery Potion1
Treasure Box Key5
Treasure Box Key3
Repair Kit8
Repair Kit6
Repair Kit8
Repair Kit6
Transport Scroll8
Transport Scroll6
Transport Scroll12
Transport Scroll10

Target Lottery
Item Lottery

[Target Lottery Lineup]
Please check here for Lottery lineup.

Campaign Period
May 28, 2015 after regular maintenance until June 4, 2015 before the regular maintenance.

We hope you take the advantage of this opportunity!

Lottery Notice
Please check "Grand Prize List" to see what rare items are contained in each lottery.
Rates are set to each item and the rates vary depending on the items.
Items are distributed at random. There's a possibility that you get same item.
Announcement will be made for lotteries that are ending sale.

*6 Spins will not be available after the campaign.
*If target lottery was drawn, prize will be sent to Platinum box automatically.
*Free Lottery, Item Jackpot Lottery, Beginner Lottery, Platinum Lottery (Lv26-Lv40), Platinum Lottery (Lv43-Lv70) and each Avatar Lottery are excluded from this campaign.
*If the target lottery was drawn outside of the period, the lottery will be invalid.
*The content of this campaign is subject to change or revision without notice.

Thank you for your continuous support.