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Maintenance Finished

Maintenance from May 28, 2015 has been completed.
[Completed at 03:30]

-Boutique's Avatars are updated!
-Some Weekend Dungeon monster's item drop are changed.

■Fixed Issues
-Bug that some monsters drop items that have no use.
*Please note that all relevant items will be deleted on May 28, 2015 regular maintenance.

-Yin Yang Lottery!
-x2 odds for SR or higher on Platinum Lottery!
-6 Spins extended for Item Lottery! Spin and get reward!
-Sale ends soon! "Masked Wrestler Lottery" Masked Wrestler Set x3 odds campaign!

■Finished events and campaigns
-Sale ends soon! "Samurai Lottery" Samurai Set x3 odds campaign!
-6 spins available for Item Lottery! Spin and get reward!

■Compensation on Treasure Box expansion
-Treasure Box Expansion has been extended 60 minutes to all players for compensation of maintenance.

Thank you for your cooperation
and your continuous support.